10 Rules How To Survive Your Worst Floorball Loss

One game and the work of a lifetime is ruined. So much time and pain and sweat. For what? For nothing. Your dreams demolished and destroyed. Now, before you make a mistake, please read this article. It might come in handy.


1. Seek company.

If you’re a floorball player, you might not be the only one having lost this match. After a few minutes of soothing solitude look for company. Cursing together with your team mates is always more fun.

2. Hit things.

First, do not damage anything, that belongs to someone else. But if you want to break your stick, do it. Kick a street lamp, crush a can or best, get yourself a punching ball and punch the soul out of it.

3. Eat a lot.

If you have a lot of negative energy, go to the next burger place and inhale the whole menu. You’re stomach will demand all of your energy and you’ll fall in a state of sweet avolition. The more unhealthy, the more helpful.

4. Learn.

You grow on defeats. 99 % of all losses are well deserved. You didn’t hit the empty net in overtime? Then go and train hitting empty nets, you dud. Take responsibility and try to find out what went wrong.

5. Play.

Either you enjoy floorball with some off league fellows just for fun or you go for football, beach volleyball, darts, whatever you want. This will help you to connect sports with purely positive feelings again.

6. Meet normal people.

Let’s admit it, sometimes it’s necessary to meet people whose minds and bodies are not damaged by floorball. They don’t understand why your loss is such an issue and on some evenings that can be very helpful.

7. Travel.

Get out of here. Book a cheap flight to some lonely island or just get in your car and hit the road. Alone or with a dear one. Discover new things.

8. Have sex and listen to good music.

If you haven’t reached the necessary age so far, skip the first point. However, both measures will flood your body by dopamine, the best friend in the worst times.

9. Find a new goal.

If you’d have had won that match, you might ask yourself this question, too: What now? Find a new goal. Try anew next year or go for something completely different. However, find that spot in the distance and start your next journey.

10. Be realistic.

If nothing helps, ask yourself if it’s really sane to be frustrated by a plastic ball falling into the wrong net. Refugees are drowning in the Mediterranean and kids are starving in Sudan. Sure, everyone needs a bit of banality to balance his mind. But come on, stop whining and get your sh#% together, you sissy!