Floorball And The Rule Of Reflection

The rule of reflection is key to a fast transition game. When your opponent spreads over the whole field the rink might become your best teammate. This is how.

Imagine a ray of light striking the surface of a calm sea. The angle of incidence is the angle between the „normal“ line and the incident ray, the angle of reflection is the angle between the „normal“ line and the reflected ray. In other words, the angle of entrance equals the angle of exit.



As we know, the rule of reflection is an important tool in a floorball game. When your opponent blocks a direct passing way you might want to use the rink to get the ball past him. To do so properly you need to know where to place the ball to send its reflection into the right direction. The formula above explains how.

So, for example, if you’re deep in your own defensive zone and you want to play the ball into the closer corner of the opposite half of the field, you have two options: Either you try to move as close as possible to the rink side you want to play along or you let the ball reach the rink as far as possible. Your pass shall hit the rink from a very sharp angle, so it stays close to it, unreachable for the opponent’s players.

VIDEO: Rule of reflection