Discover Uppsala’s Amazing New Floorball Arena

In the upcoming Superligan season three clubs will be playing in a floorball palace you had always been dreaming of. Welcome to Uppsala’s IFU Arena.

For 330 million SEK (ca. 35 million Euros) Uppsala has built a new sports arena. The main purpose will be to serve the local floorball teams, mainly the Superligan clubs of Storvreta, Sirius and FBC Uppsala. Storvretas communication manager Adam Troy explains, what special features floorball fans can look for:

„The most obvious ones are probably the two huge screens in the corners as well as the LED lights surrounding the rink. But they are only the beginning“, he says. Comfortable seating, a restaurant and lounges with a match view.“ In the complex of the hall you can even visit a floorball store and the marketing department of the club.

In fact, the main hall is just a part of the whole area. „There are four practice fields next to the arena that seat 500 people per field“, says Troy. He believes Storvreta will gain a lot from its new floorball temple. „The club will of course profit from playing in such a new arena and all the hype around it.“

This also includes unprecedented options for sponsors by being presented on the large screens or hosted in the lounge. „But the best way to get a grip on the arena is to come and visit one of our games“, says Troy.