How Kim Nilsson Became World’s Most Expensive Floorball Player

Not so long ago Kim Nilsson shattered a very special record by becoming the world’s most expensive floorball player. The superstar did not return to AIK Stockholm, but instead joined FBC Kalmarsund, a club in the second highest Swedish competition. How did all this happen?

Kim Nilsson doesn’t always have to be the top scorer. When he moves forward, it’s like a knife stuck deep into the opponent’s flesh, ripping its defense apart. In the Swiss Superfinal Nilsson shone brightly. One goal, three assists, and Grasshopper Zürich celebrated its first national title. But how did Nilsson get into this competition in the first place?

Switzerland is becoming more and more popular to Swedish floorball players who want to earn some solid money before it’s too late. According to Berner Zeitung in 2014 Grasshopper Zürich made an offer Nilsson couldn’t refuse. 100.000 CHF, over 90.000 Euro, a year, additionally a flat and a car. Nilsson signed.


AIK tried to ensure Nilsson’s comeback to Stockholm after his two years abroad and offered him a five-year-contract beginning in 2016, after his return to Sweden. Nilsson signed this paper, too.

In Switzerland the 1,93-tall Swede was provided with the stardom a two-time World Champion and MVP deserved. Filled up stands, TV reports, autograph sessions attracting hundreds of young fans. The merchandising shop of GC is supposed to have sold over 350 jerseys with Nilsson’s name. The win in this year’s Superfinal, broadcasted by the Swiss public television, was the climax of this odyssey.

Just before the big final rumors arose about FBC Kalmarsund, a rather mediocre second division team from Sweden, wanting to transfer the now 28-year-old back to his home island of Öland. Nilsson was nurtured in Färjestadens IBK and left for Stockholm in 2007/2008. Today Kalmarsund is the premier floorball club on the island and also the team of Nilsson’s younger brother Adam.

AIK commented a possible transfer to FBC Kalmarsund immediately. Kim Nilsson had a life contract at the franchise and Kalmarsund would have to make a record offer to have any chance of acquiring the striker, Manager Erik Bjerlestam explained to Innebandymagazinet.

Surprisingly Nilsson himself was very open to this possibility. After the birth of his daughter a return to Nilsson’s home region seemed to be an attractive option. „It was the right time and they have great ambitions and a strong desire to play in the SSL“, would Nilsson comment after the whole deal was fixed to Sveriges Radio. Before that he focused on his job at GC.

Sportbladet claims AIK requested 1.8 million SEK (almost 200.000 Euro), though according to Sport Expressen the final fee shouldn’t have exceeded 1.4 million SEK (over 150.000 Euro). With this value Nilsson’s transfer shattered the previous record of 500.000 SEK (over 50.000 Euro) paid by Storvreta IBK to Caperiotäby for Rasmus Sundstedt. And not enough. Nilsson, playing in the second highest competition, shall become the best paid floorball player in Sweden. The contract lasts two seasons.

The pressure will be huge. Last season Kalmarsund almost relegated and now, with Nilsson, the club is reaching after the stars. Furthermore, Jan-Erik Vaara, the swedish national team coach, wants to see some overwhelming performances, to be able to nominate Nilsson into the World Championship team.