What Colors Really Say About Your Floorball Club

Blue is trustful but naiv, green generous but indifferent. Colors are much more than just a visual element. They are a language and they say a lot about your floorball club. Find out what.

Your club’s color says a lot about the emotions you want to transport – towards your fans, your sponsors, your opponents and many other more. But what color actually fits to your club’s identity?

In 2010 the Fraunhofer Institut studied unconscious connotations people have with specific colors. Do they match to the image your clubs wants to have?


+ vitality, energy, love, passion, attention
– aggressively, turmoil, fury, rage, brutality

+ optimism, openness, sociality, youth, health, self-confidence
– pride, importunity, excess, lowbrowness

+ light, serenity, joy, knowledge, wisdom, reason, logic
– deception, revenge, pessimism, egoism, greed, envy

+ nature, generosity, safety, harmony, hope, renewal
– envy, indifference, stagnation, fatigue

+ alertness, consciousness, clarity, candor, freedom
– cold, distance, emptiness

+ purity, clarity, dignity, innocence
– aloofness, sensibility, reservedness

+ quiet, trust, loyality, dutifulness, beauty, aspiration
– negligence, melancholy, naivity

+ inspiration, mysticism, magic, art, flamboyance, piety, penance
– proud, arrogance, immorality

+ idealism, gratitude, engagement, order, compassion
– snobbism, arrogance, domination

+ neutrality, caution, restraint, perception
– boredom, monotony, uncertainty, fear

+ dignity, respect, domination
– grief, inscrutability, irreversibility

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