How To Deal With A Floorball Romance

Love is a beautiful thing. Her with him, him with her, her with her or him with him. Whatever works, right? But what if you meet that someone special in own club? Our pros and cons.

We’ve seen them come and go. Lovebirds, hand in hand, with stickbags on their shoulders. You fall in love or feel sexually attracted to people you meet in bars, at parties or at work. So why should you be immune to club or even team members?

Unfortunately such a relationship does hide certain dangers. And here we come to save the day. We decided to list all the pros and cons you should think of before you open Pandora’s box.



1. At the moment your romance starts, everyone around you will be gossiping. If you hook up with someone from outside the club hardly anyone will care. But if they know both of you, it will grow into a hot topic. The best way to deal with it is to go public. Secrets are always more exciting.

2. After the gossips have faded your romance might remain a popular issue. And, depending on your mates, it can become a target for jokes, good and unfortunately bad ones, too. Be prepared to get some thick skin – or lay down some rules.

3. Even in a healthy relationship you need some time for yourself. To many of us this time is being spend in our club. If you’re spending time with your love not only at home but also there where you actually want to recharge, you might feel jaded sooner than you expected.

4. Sometimes you just need to get floorball out of your head. If the person waiting for you at home has nothing to do with floorball, this task might be even easier.

5. If your relationship ends in a crash it might get nasty. Having a person around who you still love (or still hate) might give you both some really hard time. At worst one of you will seriously consider looking for a new club.


1. The one big passion of your life is also her or his big passion. Your darling knows what it feels like to score an overtime goal, to make an important save or to fail in the season’s final match. It’s easier to talk your floorball issues from the chest with someone who knows what you’re actually talking about.

2. As both of you are sporty and healthy people you might enjoy some sporty and healthy sex. It’s never a bad thing to have a fit lover.

3. You might see each other often at club events, but on the other hand, if you’re not teammates, due to different schedules, you both might spend most of your free time apart. This will keep your romance fresh and leave free spots for some quality time.

4. Some things might get more practical. Perhaps you will get discounts when buying for two. And if your schedules cross you can share the same car and save some gas. But for god’s sake, if you’re a goalie, don’t date a goalie. The combined smells of your equipment might kick the earth out of orbit.

5. Stuff it. If it’s love, it’s love.