All 14 Unihoc MyMove Videos At One Glimpse

Unihoc’s MyMove was the most successful campaign in floorball history. Real or fake? Who cares. Here you’ll find all 14 clips with Kohonen, Wijk & Co.

MyMove: Wijk/Östholm/Samuelsson & The Final Move

MyMove: Anna Wijk & The Candles

MyMove: Eero Kosonen Throwing Things

MyMove: Henrik Stenberg & The Drone

MyMove: Manuel Engel & The Sprint

MyMove: Mika Kohonen & The Water Bottle

MyMove: Johan Samuelsson & The Car

MyMove: Martin Östholm & The Watermelon

MyMove: The Liseberg Challenge

MyMove: The Gothia Towers Challenge

MyMove: The Scandinavium Arena Challenge

MyMove: Johan Samuelsson

MyMove: Kim Nilsson

MyMove: Martin Östholm