The Secret Behind Rasmus Sundstedt’s Amazing Shots

Last season World Floorball Champion, Swedish title holder and master of all offensive defenders was ripping the goal nets in the Swiss NLA. For his Sponsor Sundstedt participates in several video tutorials. A great opportunity to study his incredible bullets.

A proper slap or sweeper shot might not be any rocket science. Though it’s a matter of timing and motor. Rasmus Sundstedt shows how beautifully effective these shooting skills can be.

To win power Sundstedt „loads“ his sweeper shot by dropping the ball as far as possible behind his body. Then he unleashes the shot through a fluent hip turn. The whole weight of his body is being transferred from the back to the front leg.

Sundstedt’s slap shot profits from almost the same weight transfer. Apart of that in his backswing the shoulder turn is greater than the hip turn. Sundstedt bends his knees to include the strength of his leg muscles. He sets the blade smoothly 10 to 15 cm before the ball, loads tension by flexing the stick and releases his shot.